The sound of blogging….

A thought pops in my head, there is something that I need to consider. Was it what I read or something I experienced? My mind starts churning away, whatever that thing is keeps pestering me to stop whatever else I am doing and think. You can hear the clogs moving in my head. A thought bubble pops and suddenly waves of thoughts start crashing down on me, like a stormy day at the beach. Lightening goes off. The “thing” is starting to take a shape, words dart around in my mind and suddenly I must start writing.

The next few minutes are filled with the tap-tap of the keyboard as my fingers attempt to catch up with my thought processes. Fortunately I can touch type. The noise throughout my mind is imploding now, pushing me to write it all down, to keep going until the there is no more sound, a silent white light is all that will remain.

The cursor blinks at me, asking me if there is anything else. I listen. Suddenly I find myself re-reading what I have written, editing some parts, criticising myself in others and expanding where required. The chatter in my mind is still incessant. It’s so loud, it sounds like I am screaming. There is more to this thought, this “thing”. What am I missing?

I walk away, focus on something else. My mind is more peaceful, but it’s gnawing at this “thing.” Suddenly a large bang goes off in my mind, like the sound of a gun or a car back-firing and the words again shoot every which way in front of my eyes. Ah yes, the piece de resistance of my blog. The final touch. I hear thunderous rounds of applause in my mind. The “thing” is finished. The writing complete. My thoughts are ready to be shared with the world. The sound of satisfaction hits me between the eyes; it is the sound of silence.