Fertility Clinic Makes Yet ANOTHER change!

Less than two weeks ago, I posted about the stresses I had to undergo regarding my husband’s MESA operation and urogenital screening appointments (if you missed it, I have posted a link to it here)

Today, I get told that the Doctor I am booked in to see on the 19th November for my laparoscopy/hysteroscopy is now not available and if I could come in on the 14th November instead! I am starting to get so annoyed with this clinic. I have made plans way ahead of time so that I can arrange time off work, book flights and secure accommodation. I am a planner. Things are already booked in! My flight is booked for 15th November. Why can’t this clinic just make a booking and stick to it? What is going on?

This process is stressful enough. I am on the verge of cancelling our last opportunity and looking for reasons to continue.


Vent over!