Heart -Shaped Uterus.

The time has come to talk of many things!

I know, I know, I haven’t been blogging much lately. Let’s just say that I quit my job in October and have been busy trying to find a freelance journalist position while finalising my Dive Master studies.

All is relatively well. I have been on Genotropin and DHEA since 1 September in order to prepare myself for our very VERY last attempt of IVF.

I am now in Australia and on Monday met with my fertility consultant to discuss the process. Today, I had a laparoscopy and a hysteroscopy to see if there were any fibroids, polyps etc getting in the way of my success. As a matter of fact, they found that my uterus was in a shape of a heart and they had to remove the uterine septum tissue wall to make the shape the usual round shape. I found it kind of cute that my parents had given me a heart-shaped uterus! This can however play a minor role in preventing the implantation of an embryo. It is possible, but after having a really good look at my fallopian tubes, liver, ovaries etc, they were 95% sure that the reason why we have not been successful to this point is a sperm issue. This is regardless of the fact that my ovarian reserve is extremely low. The doctor stated that usually women with low ovarian reserves will have very deflated ovaries and mine are nice and puffy!

All of this is good news. The only bad news, is that my treatment needs to be postponed by a month. I was of the opinion that I would wait until my next bleed in about two weeks time and we could start straight away, however this procedure means that they start Day 1 today.

This is no biggie. I am not fighting this anymore, I do not have the energy or the desire. To be honest, I would quite happily forgo this treatment plan IF I could make myself believe that I would have no regrets looking backwards. But that ain’t happening, so this is really the last time. Different process to extract sperm and now a rounder uterus! Fingers crossed.

I have been following my followers still, but I admit not commenting much. I suspect that this is going to change a bit soon. I just needed time out.