Seven photos of what lies under the water!

I have been asked to post some scuba diving pictures. Funnily enough, I have scuba dived some amazing places, but I have to say, my scuba diving photography is pretty ordinary. This is… Continue reading

An Ebay War Draw

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you and another person put the same highest bid amount in for an Ebay item? Would it be considered a draw? Would you get to… Continue reading

Finally it has happened for me….

I know that Ce Ce Peniston was referring to Mr Right when singing her dance single “Finally” but I am going to use her lyrics to describe something that has finally happened for me. Drum… Continue reading

It’s not easy being ….. well….. me!

On a cold, wintery day in April 1976, a newly married couple decided what to call their first daughter. Instead of Justine, I should have been called Challenge. Yep, Challenge Meh! You see, the first mistake… Continue reading

Deviated Septum

My ears are fine! I can breathe a sigh of relief…. well, according to the ENT, it would be a crooked sigh, but still, I’m okay to scuba dive!!! Apparently my right nasal passage… Continue reading

Just putting it out there….

Lately I have been feeling as though I have been imprisoned, just watching life go by. It is a sad and frustrating feeling and I am taking this out on the poor hubster.… Continue reading

Ear Ye: Doin a Van Gogh

For eight years now, I have been scuba-diving. I started out as an Open Water Scuba diver, then a year later, got my Advanced ticket. My passion for scuba diving has seen me… Continue reading

Back down E-bayer!

I have cause to celebrate! I have hit my first goal weight…. woo hoo! Wii-Fit and the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet are totally working!! Though, it could be partly because I have been sick… Continue reading

Amsterdam: Part Two – 1 Museum, Space Cakes, Truffles and Anne Frank House

Days Three and Four in Amsterdam were a bit cold and rainy. Of all the museums on offer, the hubster wanted to go to Amsterdam Museum. I found this museum very ho-hum and… Continue reading

Ramadan Kareem!

Ramadan is here! For those that are not aware, Ramadan is a Muslim month of fasting, whereby those that follow Islam refrain from eating, drinking, sexual relations and listening to music between dawn… Continue reading