Celebrity Twins

While I was returning my hair back to blonde, I overheard a conversation between two women, discussing how they are often told that they look like a certain celebrity. One woman said she… Continue reading

Body Memory

Apparently my body has a memory. I am not talking about my brain, but things like my muscles, cells and nerves! Check it out here! Now, as I finally begin to see progress from… Continue reading

When good friends split up…..

Our ex-pat friends in Abu Dhabi have been going through some tough times since arriving in Abu Dhabi. The crux of the situation is that the male counterpart (D) is Vietnamese and is often mistaken to… Continue reading

Evil spirits begone!

The hubster and I had a smashing time last night, and by this, I mean plates were smashed …. Greek style! It wasn’t because we were celebrating anything – quite the contrary actually.… Continue reading

Give us this day our daily bread….

Five days ago I dumped the Atkins diet. I found that I was getting nowhere with it either. I am back on a more rounded diet consisting of fruits (how I have missed… Continue reading

Perfect little one….

I had this epiphany last night which just popped into my head out of nowhere. I was thinking about my struggles to have a child; the five attempts at IVF, the 57 eggs which were… Continue reading

Listen with your eyes!

One of the things I remember the most from attending Sunday School at the age of three is the song “I can sing a rainbow” [excuse the awesome promotion of my home country Australia… Continue reading

Winds of change….

Change. Everyone at one time or another craves change – whether it be a break away, a new job or a new hairstyle – a change is as good as a holiday (or… Continue reading

I’m only a bitch when you’re stupid!

As a westerner living in Abu Dhabi, one of the first things you will notice is the large amount of Indians living in the emirate. According to the ever so trust-worthy Wikipedia, there are approximately… Continue reading

15 Magical Moments

I have been fortunate enough to truly experience some magical moments…. here are a few quick snapshots!     What are your magical moments?