Society is to blame…

At the end of each episode of his show Denton in the mid 1990’s, Andrew Denton would say “And remember society is to blame.” Basically, this statement sums up the idea that human beings… Continue reading

1 Step-daughter, 1 husband & 1 wife = Massive Argument

As predicted, the arrival of my step-daughter resulted in a massive bitch session about her mother. I can’t help but roll my eyes about this, five years ago it was her father, three… Continue reading

The dud and now dropped Dukin diet…

After my delight of dropping 500g on Day 1 of the Dukin diet, I struggled losing any more weight so kicked it to the curb after putting on an extra couple of kilos!! I was… Continue reading

Amsterdam: Part One – Canals, Beer, Dutch sushi, Mannequins and Weed

I am back from Amsterdam! Netherlands or Holland as I like to call it, was amazing. I am going to save you from reading large segments of information by breaking the trip (and by trip, I… Continue reading

Having a bad bipolar day…

It’s a bad day! Not that anything bad has happened, just that I am having a bad bipolar day. It is my own fault, I didn’t take my medication for the past few… Continue reading

Change Management…

Our workplace is going through a period of change. Finally, after six months of stalling, we have a solution! A new leader…. What changes this new director will bring to the organisation is… Continue reading

I need a “red phone”

On this day in 1963  the so-called “red telephone” was established between the Soviet Union and the United States following the Cuban Missile Crisis. The Moscow-Washington hotline is a system that allows direct communication between the… Continue reading

Dear Diet Gods

I am in a letter writing kind of mood, so here is my latest installment: Dear Diet Gods, It has been six days since the scales showed any decrease in weight. SIX DAYS!… Continue reading

A letter to my work colleague who left a few slices of chocolate cake in the fridge…

Dear Colleague, As I went to the fridge to retrieve my can of diet coke this afternoon at 4:30pm in order for my mid-afternoon snack of artificial sweetners and caffeine, I could not help… Continue reading

10 Animal pictures which caputre my feelings!

As some of you will know, I have been having some major issues getting what should be a simple procedure done in Abu Dhabi as per the request of my doctors in Australia.… Continue reading